Meet Megan Rae

Owner. Designer. Minimalist.

Hey there, welcome to DoeRaeMe!

I'm Megan, a maker at heart! I've always had my hands in something crafty and typically it's home decor related.  I've loved interior design as long as I can remember. My Aunt and mom worked together to design Utah home shows. So growing up around fabric samples and wallpaper books sparked a passion in me for interior design. College came and I wanted to pursue it but someone told me it's too much math... that's where I draw the line, ha!

Life happened and our family of 5 decided to simplify and purge all the things we no longer needed (Marie Kondo style), including financially (Dave Ramsey style).  In 2018, we got rid of what seemed like our whole house worth of stuff and also became debt free! Big year for us!

Now when I buy home items, I make sure they're purposeful, meaningful and still affordable. That's what I'm here for-  DoeRaeMe...




I hope you find that in this space!

It means the WORLD to me that you're here for it!!!

Portrait Photo Credit: Amy Rhodes Photography