Meet Megan Rae

Owner. Designer. Seamstress.

I grew up playing in my aunt's interior design studio as she and my mom worked hard designing model homes. That exposure ignited a passion in me for home decor.
After discovering the financial guru, Dave Ramsey, I put that passion on hold while my husband and I worked and sacrificed to pay off student loans, a car loan and credit cards equaling $95k. When we finally paid it all off in August of 2018, I wanted to create an ornament that represented our hard work.  That's when the debt free ornament was created
After spending the last 3 years throwing all our money at debt and not buying items for our home, I began to realize I liked a minimalist lifestyle.  We purged most of our home decor and kept only the things that have meaning to us.  Now I am very intentional about what is bought for my home as well as what I buy for DoeRaeMe.
I LOVE how pillows transform a room so quickly but I didn't like having the clutter of too many.  So I was on the hunt for quality pillow covers that could cover up the pillow inserts I already had. It was more difficult than I thought so I decided to make them and that's when DoeRaeMe began (my middle name being Rae, named after my Danish Grandmother -- meaningful).
I love home decor that is meaningful, multi-functional and minimalistic.  My goal is to provide MULTI-holiday/function/purpose items that bring meaning and joy to your home.
Thank you for being here!  It means THE WORLD to me!!!
Portrait Photo Credit: Brittany Meng Photography